Lunns and David Yurman💎

Arriving at the Lunn’s in Queens Arcade Belfast we were treated with the perfect welcome… Champagne and a key… If you had the right key it unlocked a treasure of treats. The catering staff were out of this world, serving the most mouthing watering nibbles.

We had the chance to browse all the stunning collections on offer in Lunn’s. There were styles for all tastes. After a good browse Cathy took to the stage to welcome us and introduced Travis, the director of style for the David Yurman brand to the stage.

Travis told us all about why and how David Yurman started his jewellery collection. Over 40 years ago David wanted to gift his wife, Sybil with something special, so he sculpted a necklace for her as a token of his love and from that one gift he is now a major designer. After hearing the lovely story and history of the company, Travis then has models come out with different collections and styles to show the pieces. Travis also provided tips and tricks to styling. He is all about layering and as he said … More is more and who doesn’t love that. He took a bracelet off the model and attached it to her necklace as an additional style featured and it was beautiful. It’s small simple things like this, that we had never considered before but definitely will be going forward.

We got to try on and look at all the different David Yurman collections. There were so many beautiful items but we fell in love with the ”’iconic silver cable’ baclets with our birth stones.


Let’s face facts we couldn’t try the bracelets and not the matching ring😜

We got a chance to speak with Travis about the brand. Travis was so nice and easy to talk to. He told us that if we are ever in New York to let him know and he would give us a tour of the store… Safe to say we will be snapping up that offer on our next trip over.

Finally it was time to find out who had the magic key that open the treasure box to an amazing David Yurman necklace. The tension and excitement in the room was crazy. Unfortunately we didn’t win (tear tear) but the fab Christine from Life with Christine did (lucky lady). We were all jealous but overjoyed for her also.


Make sure to check out the collections online at Lunns.

Thanks again for a wonderful night and event.

Love A & T.


Eddie Rockets🚀 #nibloggerbrunch

Our first blogger brunch and off to Eddie Rockets Lisburn Road, Belfast we went. We were super excited for the event and all the surprise along the way.

When we arrived we were stunned at the awesome all American Eddie Rockets themed cadllic. Let’s face facts, as bloggers we were all bursting at the seams for the photo opportunity. All the fashion from everyone was amazing… And everyone looked out of this world. While chatting with other bloggers and waiting on that oh so important photoshoot with the car, we were greeted by the fantastic staff with processco and strawberries. The greeting was fantastic and delicious.


We then headed into the diner for an all american feast. The lovely Cathy from CMPR opened the floor to tell us all about the history of Eddie Rockets where the inspiration came from. If the fifties isnt inspiring to anyone then I just don’t know. Eddie Rockects opened the first diner in 1989 in South Anne Street, Dublin and since then it has been ever growing and for good reason.

The menu was a lot to be desired. We were treated to buffalo wings in hot sauce to start, then mini cheese & bacon burgers, onion rings, fresh chicken salad and bacon & cheese fries and to top it all off strawberry milkshakes🍨 we wouldn’t dine in Eddie Rockets that often but after the brunch we will definitely be going back to fill our bellies. Our top picks from the meal were the onion rings, burger and the cheese & bacon fries (they were mouth watering delicious).

We were entertained with some awesome ladies jiving. This let us experice the real diner life and it was awesome. The music and moves were out of this world… any lessons please?

Tara’s dress was got online at Quiz for only £10😍 (linked here Quiz)

We just want to say a huge thanks to Cathyfor inviting us and Eddie Rockets NI

Love Abby and Tara 😊 x

Picture This at Belsonic🎼

Sunday 17th June 2018 my first ever festival…. At 25 its safe to say I was SUPER excited …. Like a child at Christmas. My first ever festival meant I had to wear wellies and of course bedazzle my face because it isn’t a festival of you don’t do these things. Lol.


  • Face gems £2.50 from Primark
  • Slogan tee £4 from primark
  • Shorts and shirt were old wardrobe finds
  • Wellies £10 from Shoe Zone

With a beer in hand it was time to see the bands. A band called Lany from LA opened the gig. I had never heard their music before but they were awesome. They played a great set and really set the mood for Picture This coming on.


Then it was time to get ready for Picture This coming on stage and that’s when everyone got super pumped. I’m sure I don’t have to say it as everyone already knows but Picture This were AMAZING! They played so many songs and of course the confetti cannons. The crowds were going mad for them.

Such an amazing night and experience. I look forward to another festival sometime.

Laters Tara x





































Demi Lovato in concert

Demi Lovato … What a woman. After seeing her in concert I have an even bigger girl crush on her. She is so beautiful, like real girl, real figure beautiful.
Hot to trot ✔


Her voice is amazing… She sounds just as good live as she is recorded. She spoke of her mental health battle and how she got through it and other people can too. I just found her to be such an inspiration to so many people. Everyone has their own battles and she was so good at talking about hers and how good it feels to be on the other side of the fight.


My outfit for the concert….

Denim jacket… Dorothy Perkins (old stock)
Stripe maxi dress Primark £6
Trainers are Primark (last summer)


If you ever get the chance definitely go to a Demi Lovato concert.
Toodles my lovelies x

Laser hair removal

Who is ready to hear about hair removal? Fed up of shaving or waxing? Thinking about laser hair removal? Well I am here to tell you all about my experience.

I had been thinking about laser hair removal for years but kept putting it off because I was affraid. I had heard stories about people being in pain and I didn’t like the sound of that. I always wondered was it worth the money. Finally I said it was time to take the plunge and go find out more as I was sick of waxing and shaving.

I went to Younique Aesthitics in Newry for my consultation and to have all my questions answered (and trust me there was a lot of questions). I was reassured of all my worries and doubt’s and in no way was I pressured to book any appointment for laser, it was was very friendly and professional service.

Finally the day came for my first session and I have to be honest I was extremely nervous. As I was advised that you can feel a little heat and it may be a little sore but when I got to Younique Aesthetics and met my therapist Caiomhe-Lee, she reassured me and made me feel so comfortable. She explained the full process of the treatment before we started and during the treatments. She also kept checking how I was feeling and if everything was OK.

I was totally shocked when the laser hair removal treatment started, there was no pain or any issues with it. Waxing is far worse than laser. There was some areas that were a bit more sensitive but it was only a split second of sensitivity (as if you got a little nip but over in a second). The treatment takes no time at all. It was over in 15-20 minutes… So nothing to it.

I was advised that if I felt a bit of heat in the lasered area that evening to apply aloe vera gel and in a few days to exfoliate the area. Thankfully I didn’t feel a thing that evening and there was no need for aloe vera gel. I made sure to exfoliate as to ensure when the hair grew there would be no ingrowns. Caiomhe-Lee also advised that my next treatment we could up the laser intensity as it went so well with the first session.

It takes the full course of 6 treatments to be left with pretty much no hair. I have only had my first treatment and honestly I can already see such a difference in my hair growth. I wouldn’t look back and kick myself for not taking the plunge years ago.

Some information on Younique Aesthetics… They use intense pulsed lighting system for laser hair removal, acne treatments and skin rejuventaion. Its is a long term solution to unwanted hair for men and women. Laser treatments are suitable for face or body. Consultation and patch test is a must before any treatment takes place. The area for laser must be shaved 24 hours before treatment in order for success.

Check out Younique Aesthetics on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat for more information or to book your free consultation. They are offering exclusive rates at 50% off all packages… Bargin!